Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Being the only child of the parents and that to being bought in a typical Indian middle class family is not an easy job.......phew!! Since the moment you are born various astrologers stand at your door holding all sorts of janampatries and kundlies. And you are to believe that whatever said is true and the very fate of your life lies in those mystical and magical documents that are generated by seeing the time,date and place where you are born.
Being a product of an orthodox mum and a very cool and outgoing dad who doesn't even give a damn about these things, i am left hanging in between whether to believe in these or not. while my mum tries to reach out to all sorts of astrologers, my dad is quite reluctant to sit in front of them for even 5 minutes. 
Recently an astrologer told me that i am born in some so called mul nakshatra and various kinds of pujas need to done and since then my life has turned into a hell... my mum is after my life to do all sorts of crazy stuff and that to on specific days like Thursdays and Saturdays
Can you believe i couldn't have my dinner till 11:00 at night on Saturday just because some astrologer had told me to feed a black dog on Saturday before partaking my on Saturday i had to literally roam all around my society to find a dog....oh sorry black dog!!
Where as at the same time my dad being quite practical and cynical asks me to make my own destiny and not to get too carried away by all these...well actually you see astrologers do sometimes tell good stuff about you too...hehe!! 
Till date i am unable to take a stand whether i am a believer of all this or not as it would be a lie to say that whatever has been foretold hasn't come true... and may be thats the story of every youngster like me who has been trapped in the world of janamkunlies....and sadly i have to say that's the way!!!

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